Russian State Agrarian University - MTAA
named after K.A.Timiryazev


News of the university:

01.30.2013  Circular table "Adoption of the sistem of commodity agraricultural certificates in Russia"
01.28.2013  Opening of the Training center of Corporation AGKO
01.22.2013  Participation of the rector of the University in the International exhibition-fair "Green week-2013"
12.21.2012  Visit of professor Raymond Miller in Russian State Agrarian University - MTAA named after K.A.Timiryazev
12.20.2012  International scientific conference "Scientific heritage of N.I. Vavilov and modernity"
12.20.2012  The meeting with the chairman of confederacy GCHERA gentleman Phillip Shock
11.20.2012  Meeting of the Council of rectors of leading universities of member states of GUS
11.15.2012  International conference "Retraining courses in the area of stable development of rural areas and ecology"
11.15.2012   Visit of delegation of american company DuPont
10.31.2012  The XVII Nikonov lectures in Russian State Agrarian University - MTAA named after K.A.Timiryazev
10.31.2012  Avenue of young families of Russian State Agrarian University - MTAA named after K.A.Timiryazev
10.29.2012  Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Kazakhstan republic in Russia visited the University
10.26.2012  Visitation of delegation from New Zeland
10.22.2012  Partiсipation in the II International festival "Cossack village Moscow"
10.19.2012 00:00:02  The seminar on accurate agriculture jointly with "Amazone"
10.19.2012  Postgraduate student of agronomy faculty is a winner of the project "Bayer CropScience-2012"
10.18.2012  Participation in the events of "AGROSALON - 2012"
10.18.2012  Delegation from Beijing agricultural university visited Russian State Agrarian University - MTAA named after K.A.Timiryazev.
10.16.2012  Participation of our rector Bautin V.M. in The International scientific-practical conference on the issue of improving food security in the CIS.
10.16.2012  A graduate of the University is a Governor of Belgorod region!
10.11.2012  Our student is a winner of "The 5th open All-Russia Junior Games of Martial arts 2012"
10.11.2012  Visiting to the holding company "Dmitrov's vegetables"
10.10.2012  Excurtion "Vladimir-Bogolyubovo"
10.09.2012  Refresher courses started at our University.
10.08.2012  There was a seminar of the International Fund of agricultural development (IFAD) in the University
10.03.2012  One more reward!
10.02.2012  The scientific conference in honor of N.I. Vavilov
10.01.2012  Russian-German scientific-practical conference "Development of rural territories"
10.01.2012  The VICTORY of the postgraduate student in the III international scientific Symposium
10.01.2012  Flash mob "Goog morning"
10.01.2012  Our congratulations to the rector of the University Batunin V.M. with the award of the Diploma of Honorary doctor!
04.15.2011  Visit of FAO Delegation from Rome, Italy and Budapest, Hungary
03.16.2011  64th International Stundents Conference
03.05.2011  Students are awarded with certificates upon completion of the advanced training program in Germany
02.11.2011  20 Students are awarded with certificates for PepsiCo scholarships
01.31.2011  Rector Vladimir Bautin awarded Certificate of Honour to the Director of the Institute of International Education
01.30.2011  Professor of Wageningen University lectured at MBA courses
09.06.2009  Visit of Delegation from Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany
09.04.2009  Visit of Japanese delegation
09.03.2009  Visit of German Ministry delegation
07.01.2009  Visit to the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna
06.26.2009  Erasmus Mundus ECW
06.25.2009  Membership in European Association of Life Sciences (ICA)
06.19.2009  Field monitoring of Tempus project
05.29.2009  Second Congress of Timiryazev Academy’s Alumni
05.15.2009  Visit from Wageningen University
05.15.2009  Scientific cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran
04.22.2009  The rector’s council meeting of the CIS leading agrarian higher education institutions
04.21.2009  Visit from Germany
03.10.2009  Visit from France
02.27.2009  Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window Project
02.26.2009  Prof. Ludmila Khrustaleva visits to the Yamaguchi University
01.30.2009  MBA Graduates of the Higher School of Agribusiness
01.22.2009  Jubilee of Horse-breeding Museum at the RSAU-MTAA
01.16.2009  RSAU-MTAA participated in the agricultural forum “International Green Week 2009”

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