Russian State Agrarian University - MTAA
named after K.A.Timiryazev

Faculty of food technology


Adress:   127550,Moscow, Timiryazevskaya st, 49, building № 1
Phone:    (495) 977-1033 

Faculty of Food Technology was open in 2004 to train specialists-technologists in production and processing of agricultural produce (e.g. produce of plant husbandry and animal husbandry). There are three special Chairs to train graduates and two Chairs to provide general professional training.

The Chairs providing graduate level training are the following: storage, processing and merchandizing of plant husbandry products, storage and processing of fruit and vegetables, and storage and processing technologies of animal husbandry products.

The Chairs, which provide general professional training, comprise a Chair of Processes and Devices of Food Processing Industry; and a Chair of Biochemistry and Applied Biotechnology.

Eight professors and Doctors of Science, including one corresponding member of RASHN, 20 associate professors and Candidates of Science are engaged in educational process.

The Faculty offers training on technologies of agricultural production in the following specialties:

- Technology of Production and Processing of Agricultural Products with specializations in technology of processing of plant husbandry products; technology of processing of fruit and vegetables; technology of processing of animal husbandry products.

The Chairs providing graduate level training were transferred and joined the newly established Faculty from other Faculties of the University. Each of them has their own history of development. For example, the Chair of Storage, Processing and Merchandizing of plant husbandry products originated from the Chair of Agricultural and Forest Production of the Petrovskaya Academy of Agriculture and Forestry.

Professors I.K.Kossov, V.M.Rudnev, Yu.Yu.Nikitinsky, V.V.Tugarinov, and L.A.Trisvyatsky are well-known scientists and lecturers in the area of storage and processing of plant husbandry products, who made fame for the Chair. Faculty members created the syllabus on standardization and certification, technology of storage and processing of plant husbandry products, wrote textbooks and manuals for agricultural universities.

The Chair of Storage and Processing of Fruit and Vegetables was open in 1920 at the same time when the Faculty of Horticulture was established. The Chair of Agricultural Technology, where in 1913 the course on technology of processing fruit and vegetables was developed, can be considered its ancestor.

At different time periods well-known Russian scientists F.V.Tserevitinov, N.V.Saburov, E.P.Shirokov, and V.I.Polegaev headed this Chair. Under their mentorship fundamental research studies on chemical composition, merchandizing and the primary storage characteristics of fruit and vegetables, as well as on the improvement of fruit and vegetables preserving methods were conducted. 

The scientists of the Chair were the first to develop the technology of fruit and vegetables storage in a changed gaseous environment. The scientists of the Chair developed the technology of the permanent clamp cabbage storage with forced ventilation, which was approved by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

The Chair of Technology of Storage and Processing of Animal Husbandry Products was open in 1912 by the professor V.I.Lemus on the basis of the course of dairy produce, that was taught at the Petrovskaya Academy of Agriculture and Forestry.

Later on, such well-known scientists and lecturers in the area of dairy produce and milk processing as A.A.Kalantar, R.E.Gerlakh, R.B.Davidov, and N.V.Barabanshikov were at the head of the Chair. Under the guidance of these scientists the research in technology of milk production and processing was conducted. Professor R.B.Davidov was conferred the title of Laureate of State Prize for the development of technology of tinned milk.

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